Coating and Laminating

Pamarco offers a variety of coating and laminating solutions ranging from laser and mechanically engraved to electro mechanical and base construction. Also see the coating and laminating Anilox cell volume calclulator.



FibreLyte is an exclusive Pamarco product using wound carbon – Fiber/Steel Journal construction – ceramic coated and laser engraved using EFlo™, EFlo-HD™ or ThermaFlo™ engraving method. The vastly reduced weight makes it very easy to handle and ideal for multiple roll changes or where hoisting is not present.

Steel, Aluminum

Our facility in Walton, Kentucky specializes in the production of base rolls for internal use as well as servicing our customers with a variety of OEM specification cylinders. Our capabilities include:

  • Steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Integral journals and demountable construction
  • Tubular and solid core
  • Plate cylinders supplied with scribe lines for precision plate mounting
  • Multiple cylinder orders or one-off’s
  • All cylinders dynamically balanced with certification