Embossing Technology

Embossing Rolls

Memco Matched Steel Engraved Embossing Rolls

We know that there is no time for interruptions to your production. Memco provides matched sets of rolls, with bearings and gears mounted, ready to install!
  • Wear resistant and dependable in quality.
  • Special steel alloy, chosen for its extreme hardness and depth.
  • Carefully machined and meticulously engraved.
  • All standard Master Patterns to choose from and thousands of others, including custom patterns, can be selected.
  • Pattern registration is established using alloy herringbone gears, reducing backlash and reliably maintaining accurate registration.

MEMCO roll sets are of such high quality and accurate engraving that they can literally be taken from the crate and placed into your Memco Embosser. With minor adjustments for side lay and circular registration, they are ready to run for years!

Memco Embossing Machinery

Embossing Machinery

Today’s metal embossing provides an exclusive advantage, with patterns that distinguish your products and company and give your customers more style and substance.

Memco matched rolls and embossing equipment are precision designed and engineered to the industry’s most demanding technological specifications. A library of patterns delivers originality and sophistication to any substrate, while also increasing rigidity and reducing waste. And ISO 9002 certification assures quality and consistency in roll after roll, run after run.


  • Customer’s disk is scanned to create a three dimensional recreation in Ebonite.
  • Embossing roll cut in Ebonite, or new tooling created for mechanical engraving in steel.
  • Best suited for deep patterns for film, paper, vinyl, leather, metal or any other substrate requiring an embossed finish.
  • The advanced speed of this process allows for the creation of either new tooling or a finished Ebonite roll to be accomplished much more economically and speedily than traditional die cutting methods.


Engineered Embossing Solutions

  • The process of creating a precision-engraved embossing roll which imparts superior characteristics of form or function, such as shine/dullness, rigidity/suppleness, smoothness/texture to a substrate.
  • Performed with intricate hand-tooled mills and exact engraving techniques on finely honed roll bases.
  • Desirable for plastics, films, vinyls, glass, leather, wallcoverings and nonwovens.


  • Customer’s disk is scanned and shallow lenticular designs are engraved, at a maximum .004” deep, quickly and economically.
  • Ideally suited for specialty film, wallcovering, paper, foil and special logo applications.
  • A roll coated with hard copper can normally be engraved in two weeks, making this process an excellent vehicle for high volume needs.
  • Engraved rolls utilizing this technique are chrome plated and finished with either a dull matte or high gloss surface as required by the end product.