Embossing Technology

Extruded Rigid Sheets Applications


  • Customer’s disk is scanned to create a three dimensional recreation in Ebonite.
  • Embossing roll cut in Ebonite, or new tooling created for mechanical engraving in steel.
  • Best suited for deep patterns for film, paper, vinyl, leather, metal or any other substrate requiring an embossed finish.
  • The advanced speed of this process allows for the creation of either new tooling or a finished Ebonite roll to be accomplished much more economically and speedily than traditional die cutting methods.


Engineered Embossing Solutions

  • The process of creating a precision-engraved embossing roll which imparts superior characteristics of form or function, such as shine/dullness, rigidity/suppleness, smoothness/texture to a substrate.
  • Performed with intricate hand-tooled mills and exact engraving techniques on finely honed roll bases.
  • Desirable for plastics, films, vinyls, glass, leather, wallcoverings and nonwovens.


  • Customer’s disk is scanned and shallow lenticular designs are engraved, at a maximum .004” deep, quickly and economically.
  • Ideally suited for specialty film, wallcovering, paper, foil and special logo applications.
  • A roll coated with hard copper can normally be engraved in two weeks, making this process an excellent vehicle for high volume needs.
  • Engraved rolls utilizing this technique are chrome plated and finished with either a dull matte or high gloss surface as required by the end product.