Wash-up Systems

Absolute InkSave


InkSave is a PLC-controlled ink recovery system that makes wash-up quicker, easier and more economical

Designed to extract the maximum amount of ink before wash-up, InkSave will reduce your ink loss by 80% and effectively halve water consumption – saving you time, money and valuable resources. With installations throughout Europe, North America and the Middle East, InkSave has proved its worth and continues to gain an impressive track record.

80% reduction in ink loss

“Our first print is to color specification and so the first box is saleable.”
Most plants use ink kitchens which provide the required color and viscosity. However, as ink circuits tend to retain surplus water from previous wash-ups, fresh ink is immediately diluted, causing production delays while color balance is corrected.

InkSave, on the other hand, resolves color consistency at the outset, so the entire process runs smoothly with no color dilution and no need for adjustments.

50% reduction in water consumption


Stage One

Removes and recovers ink residue from the chamber bucket for re-use.

Stage Two

Washes the chamber, anliox, pumps and piping to ensure a totally clean ink circuit

Stage Three

Recovers residual wash water from the system


The three InkSave stages explained

InkSave is programmed to streamline every function, saving you time and enhancing your performance in just three stages. Many of our customers identified ink loss as a key cost which needed to be addressed. In response, we focused on this problem and came up with InkSave, a system specially designed to use less water and allow for faster wash-up, as ink from the previous process has already been emptied from the chamber. Now your entire operation will run smoothly, economically and with fewer interruptions to production.

Technical Details


European InkSave Chart

American InkSave Chart