From prepress and design to engraving and chrome plating, Pamarco can meet all your gravure needs, all with exceptional proofing and inspection services.


Prepress and Design

Pamarco has an exclusive agreement with Saueressig of Vreden, Germany giving us access to the largest library of designs in the world for the resilient vinyl, floor covering, and decorative laminate markets.

  • Macintosh Workstations
  • Scitex Dolev Plotter
  • Epson 9000 Large Format Printer

Engraving and Chrome Plating

electro mechanical

Engraving Head
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  • Vertical Chrome Plating

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  • Ability to plate multiple small gravure cylinders

Proofing and Inspection

  • Proofing of all orders up to 5 meters maximum length of cylinder
  • Inspection data archived and logged for future retrieval