Offset Printing Rolls


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Syn-Tac rollers are engineered with the highest quality rubber, and designed to provide OEM quality and performance. Our rollers provide the superior print quality, long life and reliability only a Syn-Tac roller can deliver. All Syn-Tac rollers are manufactured with all new components and are ready to install in press, with bearings and bushings included with most rollers. Rollers for the most popular models of offset presses are in stock for same day shipping.

Syn-Tac rollers are available for the following: A.B. Dick, ATF Chief, Crestline, Dahlgren, Davidson, Didde, Halm, Hamada, Heidelberg, Kompac, Martin Yale, Multilith, Ryobi, Itek, Toko, Townsend.

Diamond Laser Conventional

Diamond Laser rollers have built a reputation for delivering the highest quality to printers for all types of sheetfed and web presses. Our premium blends of rubber are designed to exhibit superb dimensional stability for every conventional ink application. Industry leading abrasion resistance is built in to every roller at every durometer level. As with all Diamond brand rollers, laser micrometer inspection ensures the impeccable quality that the printing industry has grown to expect from a Diamond roller.

Diamond UV


Diamond UVRed is rollers are engineered specifically for use with UV inks. This roller can be used in the ink or water positions in any press with any UV ink and provides superior performance with greater stability, chemical resistance, long life, less setting of the rollers on initial installation and easy clean-up.



Diamond UVBlue is the original “Combination Roller,” designed for those printers who want to change inks without changing rollers. Diamond UVBlue is an ultra-versatile line of performance rollers specially engineered to meet the demands of today’s UV, EB, Hybrid and Conventional printers. You can outfit your entire press with UVBlue, allowing you to change inks at any time without changing rollers. Its special nitrile surface possesses a combination of properties that optimize print quality across the spectrum of ink choices.


Diamond Newstech


Diamond Newstech is designed specifically for web offset presses, to be more resilient under high speeds and provides a superior resistance to chemicals and inks. Manufactured with our premium blend of rubber, Newstech will provide long life, abrasion resistance and the performance you expect from a Diamond roller.

Diamond Spiral

Diamond Spiral is a uniquely constructed dual body water meter/pan/slip roller. The innovative spiral construction drives water laterally across the chrome roller, generating a thinner and more controllable water film. The Spiral works exceptionally well on continuous motion dampening systems. The Spiral also helps reduce ink emulsification on light coverage and metallic inks.

Diamond Hickey


Diamond Hickey is a time tested, proven hickey picker, specially designed to be softer than other popular hickey removing rollers. Its softness helps to reduce plate wear associated with harder durometer hickey pickers. The Diamond Hickey is also strip built, therefore eliminating unsightly patterns that are common with wrapped hickey pickers.

Diamond Ebonite

Dimond Ebonite is a bone hard compound used for replacing both copper and nylon coverings on sheetfed and web printing presses. Ebonite provides excellent ink affinity as well as superior abrasion resistance, and unmatched chemical resistance. It also offers greater anti-oxidizing characteristics than traditional copper coverings.

Anilox Coating Rolls

Pamarco is the world’s largest provider of anilox rolls and our full range of specialty engravings offer a wide variety of screens for optimum coat weight and laydown. Our engravings range from a 5.0 to 70 BCM and include a 60 or 30 degree hex, 75 degree EFlo, Trihelical and Pins up. This wide variety of engravings will meet all the needs for any coating application and provide the highest quality results.

Pamarco offers a full range of bases including carbon fiber, aluminum and steel to meet any requirement.

Nylon Rolls

Nylon is a long-lasting replacement covering for copper and ebonite rollers. Pamarco nylon rollers have excellent chemical resistance, superior durability, and can be used on all size presses. Our nylon rollers provide a very smooth finish and low friction, which allows for easy cleaning. Pamarco’s quality standards ensure a uniform hardness across the roller, which enables you to produce the highest quality print results.
For the comparison of the differences between steel and Fiberlyte see chart below:

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Chrome Rolls

Chrome is an excellent hydrophilic roll covering option. It provides excellent wear, low friction and excellent corrosion resistance. Pamarco’s chrome rollers have the lowest coefficient of friction of any structural metal, which means less drag and therefore less heat is generated. Our chrome rollers resist attack by most organic and inorganic compounds, and will not oxidize at temperatures under 1200 degrees F.